Helpful Information About Endangered Animal Art

Posted on: 27 April 2016

Do you have a love for animals and want to invest in a few art pieces for decorating your home with? You might want to opt for art that shows some of the endangered animals in an artful way, as sometimes a portion of the proceeds from such art is donated to respectable charitable organizations. The article below will list off a few of the endangered animals that you can opt for when you go on your hunt for art.

African Elephants for a Neutral Look

Art that is created with African elephants in it can be a nice way to add appeal to your home. The greyish color of elephants makes them the ideal endangered animal art for displaying in a room that has neutral colors. You can opt for art that has the elephants situated in a peaceful background, or you can go for a background that shows why the animals are endangered so you can bring awareness to other people. For instance, the elephants can be depicted pulling down trees as they are commonly used for in some African countries. A loss of habitat can also be depicted in the art, as it contributes to elephants becoming endangered due to forests being converted into pastures for raising animals and growing crops.

Macaws with Vibrant Colors

If you want art of endangered animals that will add more color to your home, you should opt for paintings of macaws. The great thing about macaw art is that the animals are available in a variety of vibrant colors, as they are members of the parrot family. No matter how macaws are displayed in art form, you can count on them to be beautiful to look at. One of the reasons macaws are endangered is because many people capture them for trading with other animals, and also due to habitat loss. They typically live in environments that have palm trees, so you can opt for art that has palm trees if you want the added pop of green color in your home decorations.

White Rhinos for a Light Color Scheme

If you want to hang up paintings of an endangered species that is not too colorful, you can opt for white rhino art. A white rhino is an interesting animal to look at, which can add character to the room that the art is placed in. The horns on the animals are one of the things that have caused them to become endangered, as some countries in Asia believe that the horns can be used for medicinal reasons. Invest in a few endangered animal art pieces for your house as soon as you can.

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