Answering Three Common Piercing Questions

Posted on: 12 May 2016

Getting a body piercing can be an excellent form of self-expression. However, it can be common for those who have never gotten a piercing to be unsure of what to expect, which may make this experience slightly intimidating. If you are considering getting your first piercing, you may want to consider the answers to the following questions so that you can be as prepared as possible for this experience.

Will A Piercing Hurt?

There is a common concern among some people that getting a piercing will be a very painful experience. While it is true that you will feel a pricking sensation, the discomfort will typically subside within a few seconds to minutes. However, the exact intensity and length will depend on the area where the piercing is being done. Having sensitive areas, such as nipples and genitals, pierced may cause these sensations to be particularly intense, but the discomfort should be fleeting.

How Do You Care For A New Piercing?

After you have received a new piercing, you will need to take care of it to ensure that it heals properly. To this end, you will want to make sure that you use the cleaning solution provided by the piercing professional daily. Also, you will want to ensure that you keep the jewelry as clean as possible. Putting a dirty piece of jewelry into a fresh piercing can be a perfect recipe for infection. As a result, you will need to make sure that you sanitize any jewelry before putting it in the piercing.

Are There Activities That You Should Not Do While The Piercing Heals?

It can take your new piercing several weeks before it fully heals. As a result, you may need to avoid certain activities during this time. For example, swimming can pose a serious threat to your new piercing because the water may be rich in bacteria. If these bacteria get into the piercing, they can contribute to infection. In addition to avoiding swimming, you will also want to make sure that you clean the piercing after exercising or any time that you get very sweaty.

Making the decision to get a piercing can be a major choice for anyone to make. By understanding what you should expect, you will find yourself positioned for ensuring that you are prepared for your new piercing, which may help you to avoid some common problems or surprises from this process.

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