3 Careers You Could Have With Professional Training In A Color Grade Workshop

Posted on: 30 July 2016

Transforming imagery with digital color may sound simple enough, but in all truth, learning digital color grade skills is something that takes time, effort, and training, which is why color grade workshops are in such high demand. If you are considering taking a few color grade classes, you should know that once you learn this new skill, you could be opening the door to a plethora of career opportunities. Here are a few career fields you could gain access to with some training in a workshop on color grade technology.

Find a career in film.

Film is easily the most common platform for a professional colorist to find a career in. Colorists are needed at several points in film production, from planning and scene selection to the final editing phases where the finishing touches are put on imagery to make it more visually appealing. Colorists are often hired on through film production companies and work through the completion of a film as a subcontractor, but some of the most noteworthy film production companies actually employ colorists as part of their full-time staff to help with ongoing production on films and movies. 

Get involved with professional photography. 

Professional photographers may possess a lot of knowledge about film and taking pictures, but not all have the skills necessary to perfectly incorporate digital color into their photos. As a color grade technician, you can work with photographers to enhance their photos for clients. As a skilled colorist, you may also want to try your own hand at photography, because you will be able to offer photos that are professional with a unique touch that many traditional photographers will not have the skill set to offer.

Enjoy a new career in media and marketing. 

Imagine the website of a cosmetic surgeon who wants to create a section that portrays the incredible results of previous patients. If they just slap up average snapshots on the site, it is highly doubtful they will make a great impression. So, what usually happens is the webmaster of the site will hire a digital colorist to use color technology to make sure whatever images are used look their absolute best before they are displayed on the website. As a professional digital colorist, you will have the skill set necessary to work with this type of client to improve the media imagery on their site and boost their marketing efforts.

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